Decorative Prints & Paintings


About Goodwin Adams

Our collection of English and Continental paintings from the 18th -20th c. include works in oil, watercolour, gouache, pencil, chalk and crayon. Also included is a range of Chinese Trade Paintings, these are of gouache on pith paper (commonly known as rice paper). They were produced during the 19th c. for the then flourishing tourist market.

Much of our collection has been kept in folio form until recent time, such as the work of the architect T. Perkins who, on several tours of the Netherlands, towards the end of the 19th c. produced a large portfolio of architectural views in pencil and wash.

Another is artist/designer W. Reynolds who was active c. 1880-1940. He lived in Brixton and spent many years making fine detailed drawings of places of interest in the countryside in the area, 15-25 miles south west of Brixton, such as the Windmill at Keston, farm and cottage views at Gostone, Merstham, Chipstead etc.

Our original prints of the 18th-20th c. consist of engravings, etchings, mezzotints, aquatints, lithographs, woodcuts, linocuts, drypoint, heliogravures etc., with subjects as diverse as, the "Workmen of China" by Dadley, to views of classical architecture from "Fragments d'Architecture" edited by H. D'Espouy, professor at The School d'Beaux Arts Paris.

Our largest selection of original prints, are etchings from the late 19th C. to 1960, many hundreds of which are yet to be added to our web site.

All our prints, unless otherwise stated, are conservation mounted ready for framing.

We also have a selection of antique and vintage objects of interest.